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i've kept my eyes open, just a sliver. crocodile like, you dig me, pigfucker? i'll slither right through your sleep. because thats where i've been lately. la-la land, never-neverland, etc. entranced with these visions of the occult. the snake in baby's pram. i yawn & magic slips out. i'm soaked in it like a wick is soaked in naptha. its recently come to my attention that a theory exsists in which both men & faeries are possessed of faculties for reason & magic-- in men, reason eclipses magic (rendering them techophiles), while in faeries the opposite is true (rendering them insane). i wonder how this correllates to angels. oh i just fucking wonder. anyhow, yeah. dreamtime has been close to the surface, throbbing like a living heart, whose beats are like a steel drum. feel that shiver go right through you? its the equivilent of an earthquake. a faerielandquake, i guess. its the creature inside, hatching. its me, pecking at the shell of the world with my eyeteeth.

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