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she said she said.

last night the samurai's gathered for a showdown at yankee stadium; me, jenny, carla & andrew. andrew had been given loge seats by his boss, & we were coming along for the ride. i even left work early to do the deed. everybody in our clique hates the yankees- in fact, the three of them were rooting for the canadian team over the new york team. i was kind of rooting for short innings, which they were- it was some very unintresting baseball. the beers cost $7. the footlong hotdog was $5.75. so yeah, cash was shelled out. afterword, we went over to carla & andrew's place, where drinks were had (but only after carla had a minor nervous breakdown & went to the store so she could make finger foods. after two drinks, jenny was ready to go, but then carla & i threw a tantrum, which worked. so i expect more tantrums in the future.

last night's dreams were shitty.

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