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once upon a time phoebe from friends was eating "taco spicy" ramen with usula from mad about you & sam berkowitz from son of sam (america's top three comedies!). albert fish had a pet mongoose named riki tiki tavi, but mongooses only like "rattlesnake" flavoured ramen, which only exsists in mongoose-happy-dream-land. so riki tiki tavi was not eating any ramen noodles. ursula is rude, & she was talking to dennis rodman on her cellular phone. suddenly, there was a knocking on the door to "central perk!" springing into action, sam (who was friends with phoebe & ursula, since they were both blondes) ran to the door to see who it was! it was the wicked witch of the west, as mean a brunette as could ever be expected! sam fired three times through the plate glass of the door, but she was too quick, scooting away on her little broom. her little broom, between her legs. she rode that broom! wow!

on the phone, dennis rodman shouted "buy! sell! i am the mole of moleville!"

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