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so i get the new planar handbook, & they are talking about the "elsewhale." its this big ole white whale that can take people into its (soft, fleshy) mouth, holding them in an airpocket, & then cross planar boundries. its alignment is "usually neutral good." so i start thinking. you change that alignment to chaotic evil, & basically you could have moby dick. & if you've got moby dick, then that explains the presence of the devil on board the pequod, & more importantly, that means that captain ahab could have harpooned & yoked himself to that hump like a snow hill, & gone planescape. just like, i don't know, maybe that whirlpool took captain nemo through a planar vortex, into the elemental plane of water. i like all my lunatic sea captains to live on.

so a while ago, i got a subscription to dragon magazine. mostly its kind of mediocre, but its monthly, & its about dungeons & dragons. so basically, consider me tickled pink. anyhow, it recently was revamped for d&d's 30th anniversary, & so far 1) isn't carrying fiction. which is great, because shitty fantasy fiction is...well, shitty. & a signifigant chunk of the publication. so i'm happy to see that dropped. 2) has started with more "intresting" articles. like, last month they had a "samurai versus knight" article, & this month they had a thing tracing all of howard phillip lovecraft's influences on dnd. 3) they've been pushing the "ecology of the _____" vignettes, which i like. the one bad thing is that i think they've moved gary gygax's coloumn to dungeon magazine.

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