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fuck you! you fucking anal drip. you fucking dirtbag, scumbag, dipshit. i'll give you the cold shoulder that vadar gave solo. i'm saying that, but not to imply your like solo. you are fucking wicket. the weird vagina faced guy, nieb, he's cooler than you. fucker, you are the human equivilent of von dutch trucker hats. you make my fingers itch for the trigger. i've seen herpes ridden hobos with cocks that looked better than you. when we're in the same room i feel like i need a tetnus shot. you couldn't cut paper with an envelope opener. you wouln't know a shiv if i told you it was a kind of insect (gem like, with paper wings). if you were a place you'd be stonehenge- i mean, oops, jewel's teeth, all fucking scattered & jutting. your favorite comic is cathy. ayn rand wrote a letter- it says here, she's cedeing the title of suckiest ever to you. enjoy, you port-a-john. you remind of that creepy guy in that one tom hanks movie, eating a sardine on a pretzel. when you open you mouth, i think "fuck, i've seen more attractive cysts pulls out by gynocologists." speaking of ovarian cancer. i hope your belly gets round, & you think your pregnant, & you force your boyfriend to marry you & then? then you miscarry. i wish you ill, you lame little whore. i wish, because if i actually worked towards your misfortune, i'd start with a 20 lb. sledge & the back of your head. you are spandex on harry knowles, you are all the bad ideas that there've ever been rolled up into one package. you are a new type of lichen which grows in sewage.

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