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see here is the thing. at the end of the comforting dream? the other cosmonauts blast off in the escape module & leave me behind. like- so that monolith rose above my deathbed? finally something to have a conversation with. i mean- who among you really puts your hand in mine when i start talking about war. who is the real soldier. a lot of you know the arguments, know the axioms & assumptions. but it ends up with me, empty handed (no six-shooter, no sword) against the other armies. but whatever. i don't mean to make it sound sad-sack. all i mean is- if i'm going to stand alone, the other folks might have a fighting chance. if you wanna gamble with heaven, okay i guess? but again i remind you of the ramifications of NON-FUCKING-LINEAR-MOVEMENT THROUGH THE FOURTH FUCKING DIMENSION! oh fuck bring the war tonight bring it tommorow bring the fucking war to my doorstep. oh i fucking dare you. i just fucking dare you.

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