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when i tell most people that i majored in forensic anthropology, the first thing they say is typically something like "well, you sure must like that show csi a whole lot." & well. i'd never really watched it. i'd seen bits & pieces (like a halloween party invitation, cut up into ribbons) but not really anything substantial. well, today i watched some of the csi marathon on spike television. the verdict is that csi blows. its jerry brukheimer being a fucker all over the place. yet, like a lot of very mildly entertaining television, it seduced me into watching a couple too many episodes.

anyhow, i finally got my shit together at some point. i dunno when, but i did it. took off, went for a hike in prospect park for a while. looked for trolls under a bridge. tried to find a talking vampiric squirrel. followed a guy around creep-style for a while. you know how we do. then i finally went to the brooklyn super-hero supply co. browsed there for a while. signed up in the super-hero registry, making an appropriate note that i am in fact a villian. then i went to the tattoo shop & got a new earing put in. the original earing's ball part was lost when i went into surgery about a year ago. the hoop part finally joined it in the negative zone this weekend.

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