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its this aura that just hangs around, a bit of black cloth flapping around just outside of vision, revealed occasionally in silhouette. its like batman's cape, dripping off of a building. or a homeless batman, no batcave, cape moth eaten & evil. i don't know, its like, the seams of the whole bit samsaraverse, i guess. but it could be song of susannah talking; jenny & i laid in bed all day reading, & thats what i read. the uh- end was pretty surprising. at least up until the last page- one glance kind of gives it away. anyhow, gunfighters remain awesome. but now that its done, its me alone in my haunted apartment- mind you, i'm the thing haunting it, but still. maybe i will do some writing, if i can work up to it.

i went grocery shopping & bought: cottage cheese (1%), 3 packs of black beans & rice, 3 ramen noodles (oriental, beef, spicy chicken), 12 ice cream sandwiches, 2 pounds of green beans, baby carrots, hebrew national hot dogs, cous-cous (medditerean), rice (parmesean), blue corn chips, sour cream, cheese (mild chedder), french bread pizzas, & tater-tots.

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