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monty the rooster.

okay! fuck you mister mordicai! hahahah. you son of a fucking bitch. fucking staggering around the apartment with your hands clasped being a sad elf boy. you & your fucking widow's peak! shooting moon-eyes at the laundry & the dirty dishes. i fucking solved your puzzle! i put the key in the pad-lock & turned it. i fucking purchased a lawn gnome, metaphorically speaking. whats my secret? all the art deco beatnik occultists wanna know. well, i'll tell yah. the god-damn gilmore girls. man, i like those fucking girls. i put it in for the backround chatter & now i'm better. all fucking better. or not. but its okay. because there is chatterlicious-ness going down. putting me in some kind of orbit. spontanously clapping my hands with little provocation. oh, & i read the third volume of y: the last man. oh, & the other day i decided that gath ennis needs to fucking grow a new plot from his cancer-brain. seriously, i get it, garth. you don't like god. maybe you tell yourself that hellblazer is about the devil & the preacher is about god? but its the same fucking diffrence, the way you tell it. ps. garth ole boy? watch out for lorelai gilmore. she'll eat your face & make you like it. rory isn't a bit of a slouch either!

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