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sometimes rappers confuse me! are you actually wise to the whole "we fallen angels shall enlist with each other to bring eternal war unto heaven until we are free?" or is it more a weird black jew thing? fuck, i mean. i don't care. actual jews learning the whole angelic script thing strikes me as weak as a ghetto play for the scene. its the jews for jesus etc. krewe i hate. anything new testamant. like- do you know what "god" means? oh man, these religious folk with no mythology backing them up? shit.

oh, hey! if i work in flatbush all the time, with all kinds of fulking folks, do i cease to be whitey eventually? i mean, if eventually i sell enough chicks zane books, if i get used to thinking of burkas as hot & not weird, if i start giving jamican women slack? am i fucking enlightened & shit?

ps. jamican women are fuck mean & rude. but today i had a mean & rude j. lady who was okay. like, i was willing to score her inter-personal interaction as cultural. i mean. okay, i work in the carib. ghetto, basically. sure, flatbush means jewish ghetto to snl fans, but that was like, a decade ago. anyhow! mostly, island girls are great. but maybe 40% of them are jamican girls. & i dunno how to put this? jamican girls are fucking bitches. i really wanted it to be a cultural thing? i mean, really. but everybody, encluding my token black friend (christopher) said its widely recognized.

eventually, the girls at kfc liked me.
also? eventually brusque, blunt jamaican girls came in.

the final opinion. jamaican girls are blunt. since most fuckers are assholes, they are.

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