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its funny, right? your girlfriend goes to sleep acting like you are some huge fucking alkie whose going to stay up all night sipping on the bottle. doubly funny because uh, she's asleep & you're finishing up the wine. oh it ain't like its a danger. i figure- i drink, i sleep, i get to work fifteen minutes early? isn't that, i dunno, some kind of very basic smoke signal? "i'm an insomniac, i self-medicate, its all cool?" i kinda feel like getting drunk at night & making lunatic livejournal posts (i'm a fucking angel! the devil is my brother!) is a decent fucking coping mechanism. the drawbacks, of course, are obvious. girl, semi-naked, in bed without me. trust me, i've agonized. i love her so. oh so. so i guess she can do without a little drift-off cuddling. like, for instance? half-awake this morning? i sat on the toilet seat watching her do her make-up 'cause i love her so much. so chill. i'm a nice boyfriend. so they tell me.

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