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you wanna see moral darkness?

i like when they say things in a nostalgic way. like when somebody is like "i knew this girl when i was a kid. & she would come over & we'd play with my action figures. she was coltish & beautiful. she had freckles & shit. one day she asked if i wanted to play baroness & destro. i still masturbate thinking about her" or whatever. i mean, thats a decent play to make with your diary- some beer-goggled (because who updates sober? punks) rose-tinted view of childhood. you know what i remember about being a kid? being better than everyone else, & misanthropy. feeling diffrent. being diffrent. you know whats changed? not a single fucking thing. you know what? if everybody didn't tell me so, i'd still think a black trench coat was cool. hell, i still think it is.

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