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one long dark night.

so i've been trying to figure out who i'll actually vote for. sure, i hate democracy, but i'll take my turn, what the fuck. but i'm going to throw my vote away on a third party. just, you know, to show up in the margins. i figure the widening base for a variety of parties is a pretty good sign for possible upheavel. plus, all this chatter about campaign finance reform & shit like that? old people just genuinely lack the ability to make educated guesses about the future, huh? didn't anybody mention the internet to these folks? pretty soon you'll be able to run a decent media blitz from your basement. maybe if that happens doing votes the french way might be a pretty reasonable solution. 'course, mostly when i think about admiring the french i think about napolean & the french revolution. anyhow, anyhow. so i've been looking around for decent fringe people. i took this quiz? here was how they ranked a bunch of candidates in comparison to me: howard dean, carol moseley-braun, bob graham, mike badnarik, john kerry, dick gephart, michael peroutka, al sharpton, john edwards. dubbya, joe lieberman, peter camejo, david cobb, dennis kuchinich, ralphie nader, wesley clark, dick cheney. man, that ain't nearly wacky! arn't there gonna be better people on the ballot? & like half of them fools are already vanished-like! i mean, even my "top match?" mr. dean? i'm 45% in agreement with, says the quiz! man, fucking politics.

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