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curdled eggs.

edward teach, you rascal. oh fuck it anyhow, lets go raid tim-buk-tu. fly up that jolly roger, pal of mine. let me introduce you to another bloke i know- gregory efimovich. greg, ed; ed, greg. you're going to love this plan i've come up with. we'll use all the plunder to buy ourselves a spelljammer. how do you like that noise, kids? we'll hit the phlogistan with the engines on full burn. we'll be explorers, discovering the long lost illithid home plane. we'll have a party on the body of a dead god in the astral. its sounding charming, right? well, its either that or we share a cab across the bridge & set the island on fire. or we could put holes in our heads hoping the devils come out. but i'm basically in love with the devil-me inside my head, so i'm going to pass on the trephenation (sorry symon).

so i guess its tim-buk-tu, then we buy a spaceship?

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