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first off- the weregild to dating the politics girlfriend is the pain of the occasional convention. for which i feel like i should be allowed to drag her to a geek convention. but anyhow- man, fuck politics. i don't especially mean fuck republicans, though dudes? so some guys get blow-jobs from other dudes, or whatever. i mean- don't you guys like anal & stuff? sodomy just makes it sound cooler. didn't you fuckers pay attention during that whole "what? black dudes are people?" thing? whatever. anyhow, i liked sr. okay! at least with that whole cia boss thing, we know he's not a moron. i dunno. also, plz shut up about 9/11 ok thnks bye.

so lots of work at work today.

whats the deal with sons of adams & daughters of eve? seriously? i don't get it, citizens of earth. i fall from heaven so i hold god accountable for the problems arising therein. shouldn't you fuckers get your shit together & reclaim perfection? that said, eden was a zoo, but what can you do? oh hell oh swell. i'm kidding mankind. there ain't no place for you in perfection.

so i fucking hate fortress of solitude. if this is what you fuckers lives are like? then you don't fit into the margins of a good night, for me. shit, i do more heroism in a morning, more villiany in a single night. your sinners & saints are just confused fucking people running around making mistakes. didn't you read comics? didn't you ever consider a life without compromise? i'm not holding myself up as a sterling example or nothing. i punk out like crazy. but i don't act like punking out is "life." i mean, acting that way? that leaves you a fucking bitch. a jack-hole.

man, fuck politics for being on. fuck idiots talking. i mean you, rudy.

so i was thinking. about the lethem i liked. girl in landscape, for instance (or at least the first half). i was thinking about it. thinkin'. so those little housedeer. they can be possessed by anyone not taking the medicine. so i was thinking about the planet successfully colonized. or in other words. distributed 1984. big brother isn't watching. all your many brothers are watching. so you wanna know what i'd do, if currently under constant possible supervision?
1) work out. i havn't had a gym in so long. & to be fair to me, i can't really afford one. once i get a decently paying job, then i can get a gym. & man i want one. but if someone could see me naked, at any time? i'd get back to my fighting weight, pronto.
2) quit masturbating so much. i am not so embarassed about jerking off. but whatever. i do like my privacy. because yeah, i am a little gunshy. but as for the sex? i'm not bashful about that. so i'd hope to compensate for less masturbation with more actual sex. thats a pretty good plan, i think.
3)i'm not embarassed about my life. you don't fucking know. i'm not fucking joking.

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