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i'm missing two-thirds of what makes me, me.

hey monday! you're a god-damn! but here is the thing, buddy ole pal! i'm God-Damnned! so lets be pals, me & you. you be batman & i'll be the joker. my crimes will be our foreplay! we can crawl under the covers & show each other the crannies of our psychoses. we'll go at it hammer & tongs, cape & cowl. you & me, monday. its like we're crime-fighters & your my sidekick! or like we're stranded on a desert island & you're my man servant! oh lets make a crown of flowers for me, monday! i'm in such a lovely distemper, thats what my mood ring says! black as the mariana sea treanch. i've got vents in me pumping out sulphur, like a knife wound leaks krovvy red! we're so excited here in the 21st century, right? let me tell you the riddle of the curious knife, the hymn of the lonely babbler.

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