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so whatever seed this is that has taken root in me isn't especially dark. when i say "isn't especially" i mean "its more like kirby's anti-life equation & less like a prayer from one of lovecraft's books." but i mean, i'm sure its a foot-note in one of them borgesian tomes. i don't know. i'm letting the cotyledon unfold, the root system slither deep & curl about the stone of my heart. we'll see where this goes, won't we? its a ticket to a space ship with no destination listed. its the sussurus of all the things that have creeped into the dark places of the world since the coming of the sun. its the cold & soundless scream of a room under the eye-thing of pagnasmol.

& speaking of pagnasmol, i finally got around to seeing the shining last night, when jenny & i went to carla & andrews. it was either watch that or the exorcist, which i've also never seen. anyhow, my opinion for a while has been that 2001 is pretty much my favorite movie, but i'm not the biggest booster for kubrick's other films. though the orgy in eyes wide shut was pretty cool, though i couldn't help wonder whether kubrick was informing lynch or vice versa, by then. anyhow, i liked the shining quite a bit. though i prefer the "something from outside reach in" creeps of the monolith to the "something from inside pulling down" vibe i was getting from 237.

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