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so yesterday i woke up bright n' early (staggering to a sitting position in the bed & sitting there till i'd sorted out just where i was) to go help terra move. i got up to her neighborhood in queens, remarking on what a bummer it was that i'd probably never see the little athena shrine again- if i ever run into a situation involving a greek idol, though, i'll get that chance, i suppose. anyhow, to make a long story short, simon & i helped terra get all of her things in a van, then tied her bed, coatrack, & chair to the roof of the van. terra was pretty stressed out about it. simon was wearing a shirt that said "elasmosaur" on it, with a picture on one, too. afterwords, we ate sushi from a pretty fucking decent little place called arigato sushi. their "eel lover" special is eight pieces of unagi maki & six pieces of unagi nigiri. pretty fucking tasty, right?

then i gave terra a big hug, she gave me a harry potter hat & two 22s of corona, & they left.

on the way back to brooklyn to go to work, i started lethem's fortress of solitude. when i got to work, this is basically what happened: i finished rearraging the dictionaries so that the first shelf is writing aids, then i removed a shelf & put all the duplicates where the travel section used to be. the eventual plan i came up with in order to fix some of the broken sections (aka travel, playscripts, dictionaries, & health) is to move the travel above the sex, drugs, n' rock & roll, once the dictionaries sell, move the health to where the travel was, then create a new section where health was called "shakespeare" with all the shakespeare in it, & use the overstock above that for playscripts/shakespeare.

also, at work, this new girl maggie, told me that i'd offended her friend. here's me being all "oh yeah, when?" because, you know, i guess i am pretty offensive. i figured it was a race thing, since christopher & i like to make jokes at each other; stuff about black egyptians or whatever. we'd toned it down since all the seasonal hires, but whatever. but it turns out it was because of my swearing! her "friend" (aka a real person who is acting a conversational cipher) is a christian (& so is maggie too!) & shhe was offended by my cursing. so (surprise) maybe it would be nice if i could stop! i, being you know, me, wanted to be like "well, i'm offended by christians, so lets just agree to be mutually offensive?" but since i'm all supposed to be helping the ship run smoothly, i said i would try to tip-toe when she's around. which, comon. its not like me swearing is premeditated. unless i'm playing dnd.

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