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the first time i (inappropriately) stuck my hands down jenny's pants was during the nightmare before christmas. so, okay, i'm awesome. i'd know her...uh- not very long.

last night was terra's going away away away- she's ghosting off to the south, to, i dunno, open a crocodile farm. so at seven, i went to "dusk," to have the going away bash thing done. you know, a whole slew of people. everybody bumpin' & all that. i told a lot of people about my post-human fascism. when pressed on that, i usually caved into my discussion regarding why i gotta destroy the universe. folks at bars love that shit. anyhow! i got to be bestest friends with david, since i'll never get a chance to, you know, actually have a friendship with that guy, i realized i have to send him emails or whatever. i'm a making friends kinda machine!

AFTER THE BAR WE WENT TO KARAOKE. what the fuck? thats a weird team to be on. it was a foursome thing. i guess i was a fan of it- the asian style boothes & all. & when i got there- well, it turned out to be a whole lot of fun. i sang about....a bunch of songs. cash, en vouge, costello, & others. thing is, i can't sing. even at all. but! i guess i can sing the sex pistols, ever since i channeled johnny rotten one time. so from now on, "my way" is going to be my karaoke song.

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