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everything turned out pretty damn well.
but i made some pretty big mistakes, along the way.

i'm pretty excited about my face-breaking anniversary. like, is it okay to be excited? its not like i did anything! i even tried to avoid the fight! seriously, in retrospect? i just sound like a wimp! oh, we all cool, etc. i probably deserved the brass knuckles 'cause of my obsequesnece alone. & then after that? holding my face in with my hands till i somehow charted my way back? bursting into the apartment crying? damn. thats pretty much me being part of the world! i went to the hospital! isn't that the most real-persony place ever? i feel like maybe it is. but also one of the more transhumany places. i'm not kidding when i talk about bein' a cyborg. if this was the pleistocene i'd've been so fucked! talk about losing pack alpha positioning? but here we are in the future! they gave me a cyberskull.

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