mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

so i recently read a bunch of howard's early conan the barbarian stuff. i liked it a whole lot. i mean, howard & lovecraft were tight, right? thats sort of the premise of the conan-verse. its the protoculture prehistory of the lovecraftian world. you know, atlantis & all that. so it follows (to a point) the basic rules of a lovecraftian tale (& then after that...well...). which is to say. guy goes about his life. something weird happens. guy continues his life. something INSANE happens. so far, h.p., right? well, the big diffrence is? where the typical lovecraftian investigator would go arkam crazy? conan goes BESERK & just kills the hell out of whatever. its fucking great. apart from that conan has a really great sort of savage wisdom; like, refusing to touch things he thinks are weird. man, he's awesome.

anyhow, my point is. all the hot conan chicks? are always laying on a dais, half covered in silk. like, you can see they're sexy back, but other than that, its all curves left to the imagination. that? is how jenny sleeps. i'm awake, sitting at my computer playing fallout 2 while she slumbers? if i look over? she's the most gorgeous thing. its crazy. man, i've got the hots for her.

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