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okay, okay, so here is the thing. i don't know how to say it, so i'll just out with it. my dreams last night, for the entirity of last night, involved chad michael murray & reese witherspoon having lots of orgys. i mean, i wasn't even there! for a second i was there, after reese & chad michael had a foursome with a 40something woman & a fifty-somthing man. i was there with jenny, & she was acting like we'd had the foursome. "i feel dirty," she said. "i just want to pretend it never happened."

thing is, i was kind of lucid at that point. i had turned over on my side or something, disturbing the already disturbing flow of the dream. but still in the dream. so i said to jenny "i didn't happen. i don't know how you are inside my head, but it was my dream."

anyhow, reese witherspoon had this electric hair. like, whenever she was doing something "sexy," it would get all short & stand up on her head. mostly she did mysterious things under the covers. i don't think there was actually any sex in my dream last night, just mysterious bedroom type behaviors that semiotically stood in for sex. she was chad michael murray's maid, or something. he was in love with her, but she was too sexually liberated to bother returning his love- plus, she didn't believe him.

i should point out at this juncture that i don't think reese witherspoon is very attractive.

anyhow, chad michael murray was also in love with his sister. his sister was all kinds of crazy bitch. at one point, she went off on reese witherspoon, & chad michael murray told reese that now they were on the same side- the side against his sister. then he talked about getting his sister drunk so that they could sneak food out of the refrigerator. then he talked about how he & his sister & reese witherspoon had invented the transformers.

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