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so there is this guy, hugo, right? hugo is a homo s. in a post-human world. he lives in an asteroid, a chunk of rock that's been von neumanned so many times that there is hardly a scrap of worthwhile ore on it. hugo grew up on this bit of space dust, relying on the comet impact of several thousand years ago to provide water & oxygen. for food he mostly eats rats. even the transhumans have 'em, mostly. the rats eat who knows what, hugo eats the rats, & the rest of the biosystem is fed offa the big rad-collecters out sun-wards. solar panels & their ilk.

& all i can think about is hugo, shrugging on his ancient spacesuit. pieces of aluminumfoil-looking stuff, duct taped together & hooked to all kinds of hoses. hugo gets into this jury-rigged contraption every so often to fix problems with the power array. sometimes he busts apart scavanging machines that the nanite-relics of passing jupiter brains have knit together. so here is hugo, with the barest thread connecting him to life. maybe hugo has a radio- maybe there are other low-tech unmodifed people for him to talk to. maybe some passing machine-god plays the old oracle angle. maybe not. maybe hugo is alone, an animal with little use for sentience.

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