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weird nostalgia lately. okay? lay off, get off my back, i will FUCKING SHOOT YOU. i am not kidding around. this is no time for games, igor! now go get me my fucking brains. bring them to me in sloppy buckets. i'll make a monster to chase me round perdition & into the ice eventually! shit. i'm traveling afield. i meant to say something about nostalgia. i had some thoughts. three. kind of four.

first. so, there was this thing called college club once upon a time. like, a million years ago. it was some pliestocene motherfucking gimmick. all the razzle-dazzle (my new favorite thing to say) aside, basically you got free voicemail. or something. maybe i'm mixing my memories of early college era internet innovations. the point here is! i have a point. never forget that shit. i've got an edge, sure. but i've got a point, too. i can kill you all kindsa...fuck. drifting. the point is. some time previously in my life danielle left me 2 voice mail messages, which i then downloaded offa some website. so whenever i refresh my mp3 list, these pop up. so i'm sitting around grooving to some tunes this morning when all of a sudden my computer started talking to me like danielle!

point two of nostalgia is tied to point one, & probably wouldn't have clicked except for weird point-one-intrusion into my life. point two is pam, right? that came up weird. like, here is me & jenny lying in bed. suddenly, she decides i'm supposed to show her how to sleep with a girl like plato. platonic like. except, i guess she said cuddle. same diffrence-- a big chunk of my physical affection addiction comes from wanting to feel safe while i sleep (ps it never works). anyhow, so right? i cuddled a hella lot with pam. until she decided to stop talking to me because i was a bad influence on her. whatever.

i claimed i had a point three, didn't i? a total lie.

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