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so the geek thing last night was a paragraph, indented with mimosa's, be-speckled with screwdriver capitalization, & punctuated with shots of tequila. by the time i left for home, i felt like sherman marching to the sea, talking to gerd about newton & empiricism. i've got to say, the whole staggered end-of-the-world thing is working out pretty well; props to mike & scott, as they are their just desserts (as opposed to just deserts, which would be the case if it were a dark sun game. haw haw haw).

i've been getting laid in the mornings. clandestine fingers starting up some lovely consequences. it sures puts a hell of a lot of positive spin on a day when you wake up to sex with a hot girl. afterwords going about our days seperately- or, well, apparently i'm a hyperactive eight year old who demands constant attention, but other than that, seperately. what is today, monday? so i guess today is work; both at the same time. usually i hate it when jenny is here in the morning, cramping my idosyncratic routines, but uh- it turns out that a little bit of fucking cheers me right up.

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