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every so often jenny asks me about my face. it doesn't hurt. or at least, hardly ever. i think when the weather changes. i can still feel the diffrence. she asked if a day goes by without me thinking about it. like, a single day. uh, pretty much no. a couple of times each day i get to thinking about it. sometimes about the scar at the end of my eyelid, sometimes the scar inside my lip, & sometimes about the weird tension on the inside of my cheeck. but really? the thoughts are momentary. the face isn't mine, sure. but its great! its the cyborg part of me. i mean. i spend a lot of time romancing my skull. wishing i could unearth it on a dig. & the more time passes, the more the bones knit to the titanium. how fucking cool.

as of sunday, i've lived here one year.

the next niagra falls girlfriend song is "anne of green gables"

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