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they say a lot of fucking things about cao ngyun. they say she's isis, & i guess she is. they says she's an arch-fucking-gangster, & i guess she is. but you know, for a poor vietnamese imigrant chick, any leg up is a decent one. & cao, like a snake, has swallowed everything she's sunk her teeth into. for all intents & purposes, baltimore is hers. not like, she's the princess of that city, or any faerie bullshit. its hers. the gangs swear allegiance to her, the cops accept any bribe (no matter how paltry) from her, the politicians invite her to her parties. cao's so famous, she doesn't even have to wear clothes anymore. she just parades around in her birthday suit, or in stockings & garters or their equivilent. she's one of the right hand agents of the mahdi, & truth be told, she's a little bit in love with him. which is why she might shoot him in the head one day.

cao is a dharma villian.

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