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fallon's from a family, a big family. one of those families of sickening wealth & prestiege. in this case, coming with a case of decedance that would make the kennedies blush, including jack, mid pork on marilyn. fallon, though, misses out big-time on that whole rich-kid pervert thing. she was still-born, but kept growing. creepy, right? well, thats what they keep telling her. it didn't stop her from turning out to be the porche of ladies. or jag, or whatever brand of car is hip these days. like the rest of the dharma villians, fallon is pretty much immortal, thought she is younger than a lot of them- most of her troubled teens took place in the 18-somethings. fallon is the spooky bitch who drops her jack-the-ripper-black-bag on the table when she walks into a room. never quite sure if its for autopsy or torture. pretty much, its all the same to her. fallon cares about results. & no matter how many times you tell her, how often you warn her? fallon cares about the spider in the middle of her web.

fallon is a dharma villian.
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