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there is a wait so long.

jasper tolenfield, of late a great soldier in the american civil war; once, a great hero of the trojan war. because jasper was agamemnon. not like cao- cao was isis reincarnated. no, jasper was the same agamemnon who had, you know, fucked around greece. now he was old. he was in the twilight of his years, which, given his ridiculously long life-span, was likely to go on for decades & decades. he'd been miserable, for years. mostly he watched cao & her coloured boyfriend have sex in the apartment across the courtyard & yearned for an erection. then some joker named bob dole told jasper about some weirdly shaped hard-on pills. since then his quality of life has gone up dramatically. no more self-pity! mister tolenfield has got some serious game. there are all kinds of foxy ladies in the city willing to be charmed. & in the couple of millienia jasper's been knocking the boots, he's learned an excess of charm.

jasper tolenfield is a dharma villian.

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