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what does it take to get laid in this place? also, could i deal with my frustration a little less passive-agressively? thanks. yes, i know that you (i) consider the addition of passive- to the the word to be an enobling step, but yo, time to branch out. i also kind of wish that jenny would reject my advances a diffrent way besides curling up into a ball & acting weird. the way it is, "reject" is the word for it, its how i end up feeling. anyhow, phone time with jenny sure was fun- she was a detective, i was a liar. how about them cherries, mr. washington? i think- should i have some big sit down & be like- "lets talk about our sexual appetites?" or something? fuck that sounds lame. thing is- it isn't like, a problem threatening our relationship or nothing. its just that i think i could be getting infintesimally more pleasure out of team jenny-mordicai than it stands.

i'm an assistant manager at work now. i've got a key & everything. & anyhow. david's been ordering loads of fucking comic books, & i've been devouring them. so i've now read stormwatch from like, issue 37 till the end of the run. although, i might have missed some bit? like, where does jenny sparks find the new doctor & engineer? or are the backstories only as presented as they are in volume one of the authority? anyhow. i also read some w.i.l.d.cats (or is it wildc.a.t.s.?). the tradepaperback where they go to khera. & like i said, sam kieth's psycho zero girl thing, one & two.

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