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when jim jones is talking? i think he says "i've got a hell of a lot of weapons to fight! i got my claws, i got compasses, i got guns, i got dynamite, i got a hell of a lot of fight!" all my childhood condenses down into using compasses to draw circles & only ever wanting to use it as a weapon. i think the rev. knows what i'm talking about. i think he knows. i think he knows about facing your devils. which to me, is just another saying. just another bunch of words. i don't have devils. i don't have one, kit marlowe style, hanging on my shoulder. this shoulders are kept by fell angels, with bloody swords. they keep telling me if i go to sleep, i'm screwed. they're up in the crows nest of this ship, & they can see the leviathan moving by its silhoutte.

i am lying. on my shoulders are just these lacunae.

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