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so why is everybody player-hating on m. night shymalan? i guess the smart thing people like to say is that he cops hitchcock's style? well, i don't know fuck about alfie boy, but i'll tell you one thing- i don't mind standing on the shoulder's of giants. thats why we bred the nephilim! but, right? if one dude is the undisputed king of cinema suspense, wouldn't other people want to run with that? & i mean. i saw the villiage tonight with gerd. & i liked it an awful lot. i mean, i'm not going to give m. night a blow-job or anything. it wasn't the bestest greatest ever. but it sure was good at spooking. i think people give him maybe a hard time about the twists, because he tricked everyone one time with that one movie? but i thought it was really effing good.

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