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so uh- saturday night. formation of new band "niagra falls girlfriend," which may actually have accompanying video & sound, if i understand what little washu was saying correctly. thats pretty snazzy, razzle-dazzle. the illscientist's apartment is pretty fucking close to mine, & he has a bed in a niche, which i sort of envy. anyhow- before we went to his apartment & started guzzling bourbon & pepsi, we went & got eithopian, for those two's first time ever. i sure enjoy some good injera bread, ya heard? then i came back to my apartment & went a little crazy. oh swollen head. unholy malignant tumors, batman!

catching the bus to new jersey was easy as mince meat pie. i mean, i'm all slice & dice. dice in more than a d20 kinda way too, see? like samurai-snicker-snack! i was the first one there, & i curled up with some conan of cimmeria stories & settled in for a nice trip. the output of the bus was in some glade somewhere, & there were obvious wedding things going on, so i figured- hey, thats the right place! jenny & mark & phil & co. had not arrived yet, so i talked to the groom for a minute & then played (the worst game of) pool (ever in my life) with benji.

the wedding itself was fun. i like how jewish people check to make REALLY sure that the people getting hitched are the right one- presenting the bride to the groom, circling the groom 7 times, that whole thing. i was pretty convinced that it was aviva & david & not like, twin peaks dopplegangers. at one point in the wedding i thought i was the only one laughing, because fools gave me the eyeball, but apparently some folk also laughed besides me- so what? smack those jack-holes. the food was pretty fly, though, right? jewish wedding, so no shrimp cocktails or anything. but we had chilean sea bass for the main course, which fucking rocked, but is apparently eco-unfriendly. fuck if i care! (okay, well, i do care a little, but mostly 'cause uh, overfishing is retarded. i liked the fish, therefore do not want the fish to be extinct, dig? except, i want everything to be extinct. i know, i know. compromise, compromise.)

jenny cried. it was pretty adorable. this was her first wedding ever.

so the state of the bar. & of general drunk & disorderliness. there was NOT an open bar, but there was unlimited wine & beer. so i'm not wagging my finger dissaprovingly or nothing. i drank 1000 glasses of red wine, getting only a little bit in the bottle. the wedding ended like, exactly one hour before everyone got totally plastered. which is either good timing or bad timing, depending on your inclinations. jenny & i rode back home with mark & his sister. i had to pee really bad the whole way. anyhow- we got here, & kira showed up, & phill (& leigh), & we sat around for a while bullshitting. then jenny & i had sex & went to bed. i wished pretty hard last night that she was on the pill, because i just sort of wanted to go to sleep just like that, while i was still inside her. it was nice.

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