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my new supervillian name is mordicai bedtime. more like sleepyvillian, i guess! see- last night i went out with christopher to do the birthday dancing thing with the terra-monster. within about 30 seconds of walking into the place, fat white chicks were hanging offa chris. he's exotic, i guess! what with the barbados thing. victoria & co. showed up, but only just barely- they didn't come inside. anyhow, when finally i left, i got on the train? which, though it said f, ran on the a line! what the fuck? i was motherfucking lost. until i wisely figured out what to do (it was not "catch the bus" like the booth operator said- the bus wasn't even running! whore!). but yeah, after some serious fucking train acrobatics, i got home. then this morning, i picked up my dry cleaning (after being kicked out of bed by my number one lady).

leigh is pretty easy to ignore.

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