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"why don't you click your heels together three times...& go back to africa."

you know- i hate fat women in control top underwear. you know, those fucking girls with rolls of fat hanging out over the edge of their super-elastic panties. pretty fucking disgusting. thanks for making my train ride suck this morning, barf-whore! you & goiterman should think about, i dunno, throwing yourselves on the tracks. or joining the circus. or jumping into my sphere of fucking annihilation.

okay; here is the plan. i am going to hang out with terra on her birthday, on friday. this will allow me to avoid leigh, who i fucking hate. that, in turn, will mean that i won't have to half-heartedly pretend not to hate her guts. hate hate hate. also, i like terra, so. not a hard choice, right? right! in exchange, jenny isn't going to give me a hard time about blowing the scene, & i won't resent her for letting the bitch who stranded me in minnasota stay in our apartment. i'm feeln' confident about this plan.

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