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yesterday i went to the otherside of brooklyn, to meet up with the charming simon & terra for a bit of trouble. there was a dc comics bonanza! we beat the living hell out of supergirl- or more to the point, shot her to hell. guess "faster than a speeding bullet" isn't part of the whole kryptonian package, you sucka! after the game, i took off home, & met with jenny & peter- we went to go see they might be giants in prospect park. there was a bit of back-n'-forth as i searched for a place to ditch booze. anyhow, after the show we went to peter's apartment & watched cable & drank becherovka. oh, & i read an old article by former nyc police commisioner safir where he basically argued that the patriot act is only to stop terrorists, & if you are against it you must have something to hide. its a pretty awful piece of work.

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