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so guess whose coming to stay on my futon in a few weeks? here is a clue. remember when i went to theresa's wedding in minnasota? remember how i was left behind by leigh? i mean, secondary blame on jeffrey & mark, but leigh was the one that michael & i impressed the situation upon. uh- the situation being? i love theresa, & was thus therefore obligated to make a drunken ass of myself at her wedding reception. anyhow! man, she left me in minnasota. which was like, an adventure & all that. but fuck leigh for being a bitch about it. anyhow. leigh has more than dug her grave by persisting in her attempts to sabotauge jenny & me. am i making any sense? i doubt it. uh. fuck that bitch? she's a sociopath like me? so basically? it shouldn't come as any surprise that when one sociopath turns against another, the one left tosses aside the other. & uh- i'm the alpha sociopath. or really? i'm the omega sociopath. fuck everybody if they can't throw their lot in with me.

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