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got the day off with my girl. spent it, well...doin' laundry, eatin' tacos. watching buffy, playing fallout 2. having sex & uh...well, the sex was pretty swell, so it deserves double mention. so sex sex. sex sex sex. look at them words all a'stack. letters do linger on like ghosts, like dreams (how they linger on). now abouts, we are out of wine! out of wine. that either means bedtime soon, or that there will have to be a trip through the rain to the deli to buy 40oz.

which reminds me. brooklyn? shit. more & more, i like this fucking scene. brooklyn in the rain? is just so apropo. & the other day? i walked home from grand army plaza. not only was the walk nice? but the stop is actually named "grand army plaza." oh, grand armies are what i'm talking about. thats just about par for the course. there is a giant fucking arch! brooklyn gets cooler the more i explore it.
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