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two bandoliers of bullets thrown across his chest.

after work i slunk my way up into manhattan, slunk like a serpent dripping with killjoy & exotic venoms. saw andrew's band play music at the continental, throwing drum sticks & cursing. colin & sarah were hitting on me, thats the word on the streets. he did kiss my hand, but i thought maybe he was a gentlemanly margreave? oh i don't mind. carla is bustling us out the door, into the rain, then bustling us back in. then before i know it we're leaving the bar & its five shots for ten dollars (5 for $10) & riding in a cab like a golden carp cutting through a pond. new york is that wet. being in the car is making me think of all kinds of ghostly things; zombies practically pounding on the hood. we get to carla & andrew's & man, i'm not really any fun at all. practically fall asleep on their stoop. but all along the way to our dark tower home in brooklyn, i have to keep awake, to make sure jenny & i don't miss our stop.

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