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the failings & successes of witchcraft.

the sky has been a tangle of dirgibles again lately; fuji film, the lobsterback's war zepplins, the grand galleys of indonesian traders, goodyear, & those steam contrivances of doctor vermiculus. it seems like every skyscraper has a couple of balloons docked, ferrying folks up to one of those pendulus creatures. the streets below, where i'm standing, are overrun with the Grim, swelled up from the hollow places of the earth. as usual, they arn't paying me much mind- not that i'm not looking for excuses to waste ammunition of the fucking things. i suppose aesop would say there was some moral to this story, that no matter how big bad wolf you get, the little things in life will still fuck you over. his homily would have that twangy rhyming thing going on, but the fact would remain- with this Grim swarm, finding clair huxtable is going to be damn near impossible.

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