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drinking champagne & watching the gilmore girls. then pulled a shard of blue glass out of the heel of my foot, jenny, sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching me, teasing me that it can't be that bad, because she can see me wince. says if i was really hurt, i wouldn't show anything. when i finally dig the sliver out, i lose it somewhere on the floor. its the cycle of life, thats what the lion king taught me. we get back to rory & laurali. first season gilmore girls is a weird experiance compared to, what are we on, season six? there IS drama, for one thing; not much, but some. there is still plenty of witty banter. & sometimes rory & laurali fight! whats that about? on the plus side, more michele & jackson. but whats with me not hating dean's guts? i'm supposed to hate dean's guts! when i finally got jenny to watch resevouir dogs, she said it was the boy's gilmore girls, you know? i suppose it kind of is.

this morning heard all kinds of scrambling in the walls & ceiling. looks like theseus has found his minotaur! i knew that pretty amber-encased spider would bring him luck. that & that hot slut ariadne; you see, all spiders are my domain. because, like paul mua'dib, i have the power to destroy that thing; i am a font of alchohol ready to belch forth my precious chemical formulae upon the world & see all that crawls & scurry cease. & maybe you havn't taken a look at your life in a while, oh dear reader? but you're pretty pathetic, belly on the ground like a snake, scrambling for purchase. oh, you'll be swept away in the coming tide. make no mistake.
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