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graven idol.

THE FACE ON THE TELEVISION LOOKED RIGHT AT HER. cao, see, was special. besides being the reincarnation of isis, she was among the top five pupils of the antichrist, ever. she knew she'd never supplant fuckers like mortimer & the three muazzin, but she was pretty confident that her spot at number five was secure. so the tv talking to her was hardly worthy of note. she was an Important State Figure. or well, she had been, before the State had been abolished. now she guessed she was just an Important Figure. cao was the boss of a whole truckload of reborn motherfucker: agamemnon, general sherman, dracula, the bronte sisters. point was, she was Hard As Nails.

on top of that, cao spent most days wearing only her underwear. when you are one of the top five most dangerous people in history, you don't have to get dressed up for social events. she'd rubbed her crotch against more than a few thousand dollar tuxedos. as far as she was concerned, a little frilly lace & a front-catch bra was as good a show stopping number as any crappy ball gown. the pistol tucked down the front of her panties only accentuated the whole get-up.

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