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milking venom from a snake.

Go Go GO! it was like a japanese biker gang ran through charlie's head, the first time he did cocaine. it was the last time, too, but fuck; the shop front windows of his skull were sincerely busted in by a bunch of pseudogangster kids that one time. the drapes were dowsed with gasoline & set aflame. charlie is still recovering. he gets no sleep, he gets no rest. he's saving up for the cofffin, is what he tells everybody. but the thing is? he happens to not be bluffing. when charlie dies, he's gonna be at least TWICE as dead as everybody else.

natalie? she spends summers with her nana & grandpop, in egypt. she looks at hippos & jackals & everything she can get her eyes on, but she can't figure out what set's head is supposed to look like. which is fine. when summers are over she comes back to barbados & gets back to the bussiness of looking out for number one. she busts out her book of voodoo spells & the charms of a sorceress. she gets down to bussiness. her chin runs with blood at every sabbath, as she devours the hearts of small pets. natalie has a hunger in her. a hunger unsullied by the illusion of humanity.

this is the world that pearl, daughter of hester pryne, is queen over.

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