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the construction of guamme.

oh & how have i been? i've been like a god-damn tank. i've got treads & i leave those pitter-patter footfalls all over motherfuckers faces. it looks like autumn happened real violently, when i get done with a place. i mean fuck. i INVENTED north korea. we're tiny & basically defenseless. but we've got these nukes, right? or maybe not. but i'm sure acting like we do. who wants to play "korean roulette" with my crazy ass? because i'm all about mutual assured anihilation. in fact, i have a million icbms. in my pocket. fuck you fuck you! this is the age of the korean, you jerk! leave me & mine to our supremecy.

what i'm trying to say is. i'm all turned around & twisted. heck, i'm a grenade whose fuse has been clipped short. but thing is? thats just fine. oh hell oh swell. what do i care? i moved to new york to give it a shot. what ami i supposed to do, go running for cover when the first mortars fly? no dice, bitches. instead, how about i show you what a salvo looks like? i'll tie up murder with a ribbon & mail it to us senators. fuck fuck fuck, i invented anthrax. i invented living a life at orange alert. its like being mr. spock. its okay. its better than okay, because i've got these faggoty ass ears. do you have pointed ears? you lame fucker, i bet you don't.

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