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exerpts from the doctrines of dauchauskrim.

"so, the end of the world sucks otyugh dick. i mean, i've at least postponed one fucking armageddon, but near as i can tell these are the final days, & all that psycho street preacher fuckrot. i'm not trying to sound like a crotchstabbing pessimist here or some asshole wearing sackcloth repenting to some uncaring gods or anything. what i'm saying is, you better get your shit in order. not for some final reckoning. i'm saying, you get your ass in gear to put your two fucking copper pieces into the equation. don't let some jack-off demonic prince decide that your fucking prime is ready for the big curtain call. fill a bag up with hammers & drop it from a 5 story tower on the head of the first motherless bastard who tries to collect on your soul. fuck the whole bunch of them.

the thing is, the gods, upper & lower, inner & outer, circumcised cocks & uncut dicks? are all a bunch of shit eating scavangers. the diffrence between the "good guys" & the "bad guys" is basically one of hyenas versus vultures. who would you rather have gnawing at the carcass of your soul when they call the chips in on their big old poker game? i'm thinking "none of the labia-faced assholes" is a pretty good call. nobody has the right to grab you by the testicles (or whatever you've got dangling) & tell you its the end of the line. but you worship one of the fuckers & they figure they've got their brand on you, like you are a godamn cow. & by cow i mean a slab of steak on the hoof. to any fucking god, you're just meat.

so fuck unraveling, fuck unmaking.

though i do have a niggling thought. & i'm just going to throw it out there, just fucking give it the old heave ho into the ring of you cumdumpsters. the thought is: maybe the apocalypse can be a good thing. depending on where its fought. i mean, okay. events in the prime are echoed in the outerplanes. its like skipping rocks across a lake off piss- there are bound to be ripples. in this case, the lake of steamy urine is the astral (home sweet home!) & the ripples are, i dunno, a flock of angels storming the unholy towers of pent up sexual angst. or whatfuckingever. so if oisos goes, the outerplanes get tossed out like so much chamber pot contents. (again, not to belabor the point: the gods need YOU, you dumbass buncha baboonbutts.)

but lets say the end came, not to oisos, but to the outerplanes. lets say, rather than the celestial messiah (or unholy princeling) came in full glory (or infamy) to the gates of the abyss (or mount celestia) instead of to the fields of prophecy on little old oisos. lets say instead of raping & pillaging across this pantsload plane, he took his big old metaphysical dump on an outer plane? lets say instead of the gods using all the nations of the world as pawns to see whose lame ideology encompasses all the universe, we give 'em the finger & have 'em fight their own war? lets say we use what leverage we've got (& mind you, we've got fucking leverage. again, let me stress this: people have the advantage. without people, gods are nothing. they're fucking ghosts haunting an empty cemetary). what was it that guy said? with a big enough stick, & a place to put it, you can move the world? i say fuck yes. i say, you be the stick, my brothers & sisters. i'll be the fulcrum. lets move the world. lets have the war to end all wars come. lets have the war come to heaven & hell & mechanus & limbo. lets bring the war to the doorsteps of the gods. lets root them out of their lairs & dens & goad them into battle.

i say, lets have every god fight another fucking god until they all drop dead. hell, if its the right thing to do, i'll stick my craw in the mix. i'll take a few jabs at the last cocksucker standing & then off myself, if it needs doing. lets tear down the thrones of the gods & make sure they are never mounted again. shit, lets wreck the foundations of the outerplanes so as no one believes the lies of a god ever again. myself included. don't agree with me because i'm the one fucking saying it. agree with WHAT i'm saying, if you want to. i'm no better than any one of you fuckers. or, well, maybe i am, but not by dint of being a god. only by dint of being so fucking handsome & so god-damn clever.

so hell. i know who the messiah (or hellspawn) is. maybe when he fucking grows up he'll want to take an axe to the neck of oisos's number one problem: the gods, who linger about the loins of the world like a bad case of vd. you know what those fuckstains call oisos? 'the punished land.' oh yeah, you fucking bunch of dung-gobblers? you're the ones doing the buttfucking! its your dick broke off in our ass! they are the ones raping oisos like we dropped the soap in a prison bath. lets grab 'em by their skid-marked petticoats & hang up up high & dry. fuck the lot of them.

maybe the apocalypse could be a good thing."
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