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oh shit nephew! snoopy? man, thats one bad mofo, you hear me? he's all rat-a-tat-tat on a dark & stormy night & all kinds of shit. & his little bird dude friend is all ready to bust out three kinds of kung-fu on your ass! oh HELL no we ain't getting in no turf war with schultz's crew, whaddaya, got a death wish or some else shite? you gonna be dog food if you mess with The Brown! damn, what, you got rock in your head or something? you somekinda retard i never heard of before? fuck you, man, van pelts gonna where your skin for a COAT you start fucking with that gang. you don't step to them. hella, one dude i saw get stranged with a motherfucker's baby blanket; & that them piano fucker? he's all clockwork orange & what have you!

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