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jace & the wheeled warriors.

feel that pressure at the base of your skull? that, motherfucker, is me. i'm worming my way in, drilling out your brainstem like an applecore & slotting yours truely right on in. how does it feel to be penetrated...BY MY BRAIN? by this time tommorow you'll all be crawling like spiders & gnashing your teeth at the heavens! enjoy your new "hive-mind" suckers! shit, you'll be like the borg, & i will be your sexy, slimy queen. come on & lick my boots you little pedipalps! wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!


oh crap weirdest fucking thing ever. a guy came in looking for this insane book: . but not alone! no, he brought four retards (aka reptilian space aliens) into my store with him! one of them was a midget! for real!

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