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from the doctrines of dauchaskrim eyekiller:

exerpt from a treatise on aasimar.

", whole fucking assloads of bullshit have been spewed on the subject of tiefling-slash-aasimar relationships. no doubt most of the lot of you dumb fuckers have bought into it, to one degree or another. you see the aasimar as a bunch of silverspoon dry humping fuckstains who got off on the wrong side of "androgynous beauty." & i'll be the first to admit, fuck 'em. but you know, fuck everybody if they can't take a joke. thing is? aasimar are in the same boat with us witchbreed cumdrizzles. we're the butt of the whole god-damn joke. the thing that really fucks you as a tieflings ain't the horns, or the brimstone, or the barbed cocks. sure, folk'll give you the stink eye, or burn you at the stake, or whatever, but that's not the real screw-job. what really does it to you is being the catspaw of the whole infernal hosts (or armies of the pit, for those of us with an inclination more towards dripping ooze & you know, that weird abyssal-hyena thing. seriously, whats with the hyena thing?).

same thing with aasimar, only they've got the short end of the stick from all those goody-two-shoes up on the higher planes. the diffrence between some shit-brick pitfiend jamming his finger up his own asshole down in the whorehouses of baator or a wound-fuck of a plantar squatting his luminous & sacred turds into a holy latrine up in mount celestia? well, lets just say you could count the diffrence in beans. six of one, garen fucks you over, half dozen of the other its henlar. two sides of the same coin, but thats the coinage of your fucking slavery. thats the currency minted in the same damn forge: struck on the anvil of our lives with the hammer of bondage."
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