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dramatis personae:
mordicai, a prince
jenny, a prize worthy of a prince
amete, a friend of jenny & vaugely of mordicai
illscientist, a vagabond
fallen optimist, a vagabond

scene 1: a bar

mordicai: yes illscientist, i will meet you to find some girl you havn't seen since science camp 10 years ago. i would have stayed home & waited for my girlfriend, but it is 10:10 & i have yet to hear from her.

illscientist: cool! except, i am not going to ask random asian girls if they are her. so instead lets go to the fallen otimists apartment to play songs on the guitar & such.

scene 2: the fallen optimist's apartment

the fallen optimist: i am animating my own head!

illscientist: i am playing the blues so mordicai can sing along!

scene 3: the same bar as seen 1

mordicai: why don't you ask the dj?

illscientist: okay. hey mr. dj, whats up with asian girls & their birthdays? they are down in this room? i will start asking girls! hey, are you this girl i went to science camp with? you are!? awesome.

mordicai: i am going to leave now.

scene 4: outside the bar

mordicai: okay, i'm coming home.

jenny: i am not coming home yet. why don't you come up here?

mordicai: how do i do that?

jenny: walk across town to the a line. also, bring cream.

mordicai: okay.

scene 5: a deli

mordicai: where are your dairy products? over there? okay. i had to take the train to the wrong stop since it was an express train.

scene 6: the street

mordicai: whoa that blonde dude from queer eye for the straight guy is sure giving me the queer eye! its a good thing i have this half-&-half, i could grenade it.

scene 7: amete's apartment

amete: jenny has thrown all my money into secret places or hidden it. here! she just crumpled up your resume into a small paper ball. let me make you a drink, since we are drunk.

jenny: yes, a drink! & i will be affectionate, but a huge mess. you will have to keep me from falling over alot. are you done with your drink? no? have another one anyhow!

mordicai: i like this song.

scene 8: asleep on the train

mordicai: zzzzz

jenny: zzzzz

scene 9: the street

mordicai: jenny? jenny? don't walk away!

the phone jenny: i can't believe you'd let me walk home alone.

mordicai: fuck, "let you?" you practically ran away from me!

scene 10: an apartment

jenny: we are done. we're done. i'm done with you.

mordicai: what the fuck? how could i abandon you if you got home first?

jenny: you wanted to walk a diffrent way. also, fuck you, i'm breaking up with you.

mordicai: you don't mean that. say you don't mean that.

jenny: oh, i mean it. also, you are sleeping on the bed-bug bed. you can't sleep on the floor, thats creepy. yes, its the bed bugs for you. i hate you. you think its safe to let me walk home alone?

mordicai: fuck! i was lost the entire way coming home! you left me!

scene 11: the same apartment

mordicai: jenny?

jenny: i am two hours late for work, now is not the time.

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