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we're having a swell time here in castle mordicai. things are not well.

i don't know how to explain it, because i don't know what she means, but jenny told me last night that i don't love her enough & she doesn't love me enough. enough for what i couldn't tell you. if i try to talk to her about it (she hasn't left for work yet), she just walks away. she's not angry or anything, which is mostly why i'm worried so much? like, is this the thing where the guy doesn't see the break-up coming or something? when i asked her that, she didn't say anything either. yeah, its really a grand old time here in brooklyn. the twenty-nineth of june sure is a memorable date. when once again we're back to jenny ripping my guts out & leaving them trailing behind her as she departs.

not having guts sure is a hollow feeling.

i finally got my grades, hoping to cheer somebody up. A, A-, A, C+.

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